I was recently tipped to a neat feature that I hadn’t seen before in WordPress. Thank you to Jessica for informing users about it with her blog post.

You know how sometimes a blog homepage can get ridiculously long? Especially if the average post is long – or even one recent post is really long? Setting your blog homepage to show even just a few of your most recent posts can still run into this issue if you’re a marathon writer (or what seems like marathon writing to us sprinters).

Well, WP has a feature that inserts a “More” tag. When you have a long post you can break it up – ideally just after enough of the introduction paragraph to give users a good idea what the post is about – then the part before the “More” tag shows on the summary page with a small link that encourages the user to click through and read the entire post on its own page.

Where is this neat little trickster? When you have the Kitchen Sink showing, it’s right here noted in red below. Also in this image, noted in blue, is what the tag looks like from the management UI.

Here is what the post in the example above then looks like on the summary page.

And of course when you click on either the post title, or the “Read More” text, you go to the full post which looks no different whether the tag is included or not. Here’s the link to that specific post for your review:


Neat, huh? There are a number of other Kitchen Sink tricks that Jessica mentions in her blog post, so I encourage you to click over there now and check it out.

Happy hosting!

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    WordPress’s Insert More Tag
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