Can you run WordPress on Windows? Sure, it works great!

Did you know that WordPress works – and works great – on Microsoft Windows? Sure, WordPress runs on top of PHP and MySQL, which are commonly thought to be related to Linux, but they work perfectly on Windows Server also. In fact, this blog post that you’re reading right now is running via WordPress on Windows, MySQL, and PHP.

Here’s a blog post by Artur at OrcsWeb showing a walk-through of installing WordPress on Windows Server.

As you can see in the post, Microsoft’s WPI (Web Platform Installer) makes it super-easy even for non-administrators.

Happy hosting!

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    1. Yes it does! The newer versions of IIS and WordPress make life a lot easier, I’ve been running or installing wordpress sites on IIS for years. In the early days there were lots of issues and little workarounds to get things going, but nowadays an install takes minutes!

    2. Not only that, with WebMatrix you can make, edit, run and publish PHP based websites including WordPress, Joomla and more.

    3. I have a problem: I did my wordpress site on my Mac with MAMP. The hosting is on Windows. I upload my site to the web server and some images don´t show on the pages. Could you help me? Thanks a lot!

      • When looking at the site with the broken images, right-click to check the URL of the image. Then make sure the images are located in the correct folder of your site.

    4. “Can you run WordPress on Windows? Sure, it works great!

      | Ponderings – Various Topical Thoughts by Brad Kingsley” actually got me simply hooked on ur blog!
      Iwill certainly wind up being returning a whole lot more often.
      With thanks ,Alissa

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