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What did you buy with your first million?

I read an Inc article this morning titled “Top 8 Cars to Buy After You Make Your First Million“. I hope they meant “when you make your first $5 million” or something rather than $1 million. The cars in the article are VERY expensive. If you just hit the $1 million dollar level in your bank account then go out and buy a $100k car, I’d say there is a good chance you’ll never see that millionaire level again. Read more »

NovoEd Signin

NovoEd is a provider of online courses – and it looks like they have some good ones. I went to register for one of the classes this morning to check out the quality of the teaching and platform. One of the options presented was to log on with my existing Google account. I love when I have that option because it means one less password I need to deal with. Read more »

Akamai NetSession Required to Try Out SQL 2014?

I went to download the 180 day trial of SQL Server 2014 today, and after being forced to log on to Live and verify a couple screens of data (annoying), I then got prompted that to complete the download I would have to install the Akamia NetSession Interface. Read more »

Royal Caribbean–Freedom of the Seas


We’ve been back now for a week and I’m finally getting around to writing a post about our Eastern Caribbean cruise via Royal Caribbean on their Freedom of the Seas ship.

Overall – it was a good trip and excellent value for the cost. I’ve been on better Caribbean trips, but certainly none this affordable. Enjoyment per dollar was pretty good. :) Read more »

Going on a cruise – no virus for me please! :)

I’m going on my only second-ever cruise this year. (Dear bad guys: No, my house will NOT be empty and yes, my dog will bite!)


The first cruise was around the Hawaiian Islands and was pretty cool. Actually, the cruise was “okay” but the fact that it allowed us to visit multiple islands in Hawaii without having to deal with puddle-jumpers and other transportation (and lodging, etc.) was pretty cool.

This time I’m headed on an Eastern Caribbean cruise. We picked Royal Caribbean based on many online reviews we read, and discussions we had with people at AAA.

Since booking this cruise two different ships have had major outbreaks of the nova-virus. It doesn’t sound like fun stuff and NOT contracting it will be a primary goal during the trip. If you happen to be on the same cruise and see someone constantly using Purell and refusing to touch railings, that just might be me. :)

I’m not a big fan of large crowds and eating bulk cooked food. I am a big fan of boats, islands, and warm weather though. I’m very much looking forward to it and I’ll post some information afterward to share some thoughts.