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Is Your Startup Revolutionary or Evolutionary?


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Is your startup idea revolutionary or evolutionary?

An evolutionary startup is one that is looking to enter an existing market, but the intent is to position the product or solution in a way that is “better, faster, cheaper” (or some combination of these) than the existing solution that exist.

Alternately, a revolutionary startup is one that is looking to create a new market and address a totally unmet need (perhaps even an unknown or unrecognized need). Read more »

Startups: Know Your Numbers

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Sure, we all know – when you are a founder of a start-up putting together financial projections, the numbers are largely guesstimates. Young ventures don’t have the business history needed to properly predict, budget, and forecast revenue and expense numbers. That doesn’t mean the founder(s) shouldn’t go through the exercise though. Read more »

What did you buy with your first million?

I read an Inc article this morning titled “Top 8 Cars to Buy After You Make Your First Million“. I hope they meant “when you make your first $5 million” or something rather than $1 million. The cars in the article are VERY expensive. If you just hit the $1 million dollar level in your bank account then go out and buy a $100k car, I’d say there is a good chance you’ll never see that millionaire level again. Read more »

MagicJack – “and 1 more”

I don’t have a land line and in my new house I barely have any reception on my cell phone while inside the house. The phone will ring but then almost always drops the call shortly afterward (Verizon in case you’re curious).

The magicJackGo device.


Anyway, I needed a solution to allow me to make a receive phone calls in the house. After some research I selected magicJack (no, that’s not a mistake on the case; they really use a lowercase “m”). Honestly I was a little skeptical at first – just because the commercials seem cheesy to me. But, I bought the new magicJackGo to try it out – it’s so affordable that with such a low risk point I figured I’d take the chance.

Read more »

Are You Monitoring Your Brand (and Yourself)?

Do you know when someone writes something online and mentions you or your company? No? Why not? If someone writes a post or makes a comment stating a problem or concern, don’t you want the opportunity to address the concern and reply to the comment?

GoogleAlertsSince Google seems to know everything, I think having some Google Alerts set up for various terms is a great way to monitor your online mentions. Plus, it is super-easy to set up.
Go to and log on with your Google account if you aren’t already logged on. Then setting up an alert is as easy as entering a search term and pressing enter. Read more »