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Everyone Should Do A Startup Weekend

Charleston Startup Weekend

Demo Day at Charleston Startup Weekend

Well, maybe not EVERYONE but I do think that most people should participate in a Startup Weekend at some point in their lives.

We had our first Startup Weekend here in Charleston this past weekend and it was a great turnout with some cool results.

Just before the demo presentations yesterday I spent a little time speaking with several people from the College of Charleston. CoC’s computer science department required their students to go through the Startup Weekend event. I thought that was a wonderful idea. These students were placed into a dynamic environment and required to think on their feet, work with a team, hash through a product/business idea, think about the market, customer acquisition, competition, and scale issues of their team’s idea, then mock up a UI and actually start working to produce a product. Read more »

WordPress IIS and PNG Not Showing Up Headaches

Okay, this bit me again today, and I didn’t remember the solution from previous research so I had to research it again. That to me means I need to write it up in a blog post. :)

I’m running WordPress for this blog. It is hosted on a Windows 2012 R2 server (using IIS, not Apache) with the latest versions of PHP and MySQL installed.

I uploaded a post earlier that had a PNG file screenshot included. The PNG file uploaded fine and showed up fine in the Media management screen of WordPress but it wouldn’t display in the actual post. The issue winds up being a permissions problem. Read more »

NovoEd Signin

NovoEd is a provider of online courses – and it looks like they have some good ones. I went to register for one of the classes this morning to check out the quality of the teaching and platform. One of the options presented was to log on with my existing Google account. I love when I have that option because it means one less password I need to deal with. Read more »

Intel NUC Unboxing and Resource Installs

I got my Intel NUC a long time ago now but have been too busy to sit down and write about it. I did take pictures so I’ll share those now. A quick summary is that I LOVE it. It’s so small and quiet yet performs great. Read more »

Razor Hello There Sample!

This is my version of a Hello World application. I don’t want to just write “Hello World!” to the screen in a web page because, well, that’s just too basic. So what I’ll do is write a very simple form, post the form back to itself (the same page), collect data from the form, then display the data.

While extremely simple, this demonstrates a few different key functions of a web application – collecting and posting data, gathering that data, then doing something with the data. It also gives a simple demonstration of code logic mixed inline with HTML – a common practice when using Razor pages. Read more »