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IIS7 Mime Mappings

For very good reasons, not all extensions are recognized by IIS by default and may return a 404 error when trying to access them from your site. If you have need to add more extensions to be “allowed” – for example if you have embedded font files – you have a few different options.

One method is to add the new mapping in the MIME Mappings module of the IIS7 Manager which you can run and use locally, or you can use the IIS7 Manager for Remote Administration to connect to your site remotely and manage this feature. Once connected, the link below shows where to find this module and make the required change.

That same link gives a little bit of information about managing the mime mappings via your site config file, but not a lot of detail. The link below gives additional information and even a sample web.config file that someone specifically used to manage their mappings.

Some web hosts also have control panels that allow you to manage the mime mappings for your web site. If so, it should be fine to use that too. Any of these three methods should accomplish the same thing.

Once you decide where to manage the mapping, you need to make sure you set it up properly. Different file types have different requirements so you may need to do a little research on your own to determine the exact mapping text. Here’s one sample showing how to map embedded .woff font files:

I hope this saves you a little time and frustration. Happy hosting!

How to add mime mappings in the Cytanium control panel

If you need to manage the mime mappings for your site you can do this a few different ways. One of the ways is to handle it through the hosting control panel and I’ll provide a quick walk-through of how to do that in this post. Read more »

I just added the WP Tweet Button to my WordPress site

I just added the WP Tweet Button to this WordPress site. It seems to work with 3.3 okay. The URL shortening doesn’t appear to be working but it may be something I just have to figure out and configure.

UPDATE: I got it to work. From your WordPress dashboard, you have to go to Settings, then WP Tweet Button. There are a ton of great settings to control from that page.

ASP.NET Security Update Shipping Thursday, Dec 29th

Scott Guthrie just provided an update on an ASP.NET vulnerability and the availability of a patch to mitigate the issue. The patch will release today and everyone should start testing ASAP and planning the deployment to their servers.

The issue is apparently a denial-of-service problem rather than a systems-access issue, but because the attack is so easy to implement, it is expected that we’ll see attacks against the vulnerability very soon. System administrators should take this very seriously.

[UPDATE: I’ve heard talk that there may also be elevation-of-privileges issues but that is unconfirmed. Regardless, this should be installed as soon as reasonably possible.]

Now running WordPress

I made the DNS switch this morning to make this new WordPress instance of my blog live. So far everything seems to work as expected. I’m looking forward to playing with the many WP features. Blogengine.NET was okay, but just didn’t seem as feature-rich or easy to use.