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Manage Your Cytanium Default Documents

I wrote a blog post already about Managing Your Default Documents with IIS Manager but if you are a Cytanium hosting client you can actually perform this directly through the control panel without the need for the IIS management tools or any IIS knowledge.

From your main control panel screen hover your mouse over Web and select Web Sites:

Then click on the name of your site from the list of sites (you may have more than one depending on your services and configuration):

On the next screen, the Web Site Properties, you’ll see a few different management tabs with access to all the settings for your site. On the default tab – “Home Folder” – you can see the list of valid default documents for your site:

That document list is a standard text box so you can cut, copy, paste, or type as desired. In the example above I added YourHomePage.html to the top of the default documents list. If that page exists it will be the first file loaded by default for your site if a visitor doesn’t specifically enter a desired page name. The most common default page names are already in the list as you can see, but you can manage this list to contain whatever files and in whatever order you want – live and in real-time – right there in the control panel.

This is just one more way that Cytanium makes hosting easy and painless.

How to open an existing site in Microsoft WebMatrix

I had this topic on my “to blog” list for a week or so now, but someone beat me to it, so I’ll just reference their post. :)

If you have an existing site running at a web host, you can actually using WebMatrix to connect to the remote site and pull (download) the content into your WebMatrix interface.

If you have an existing web site, you can open it in Microsoft WebMatrix. There are some caveats (which I have noted below), but overall it works quite well.

Could This Be The First Solar Powered Laptop?

“While there are plenty of solar-powered peripherals that plug into your laptop to boost its battery power, we haven’t yet seen a model that runs solely on solar. Industrial Designer Andrea Ponti‘s concept for the Luce Solar Panel Powered PC could become the greenest laptop ever made.”

How often do you use your laptop in direct sunlight though?

Microsoft launches new version of Download Center

Microsoft launches new version of Download Center with over 250k free updates, installers, and other files:

Orchard 1.2 Released – Bug Fixes and Improved Performance

“Orchard 1.2 has been released! Orchard CMS 1.2 is an incremental update with a few bug fixes and new features and a lot of focus on improving the performance of Orchard! If you are running Orchard 1.0 or Orchard 1.1 you will want to upgrade your website to Orchard 1.2 for the performance improvements alone!”