Brad Kingsley in Europe

Brad Kingsley while traveling in Europe.

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That’s me – Brad – and I currently reside in Mount Pleasant SC (just outside of Charleston). In July of 2014 my company and related brands were acquired – OrcsWeb,, and Cytanium.

I founded OrcsWeb in June of 1996 and remained a majority shareholder through the acquisition. While we never took on outside money, there were a couple of friends and family who invested (gambled?) at the very start of the venture. We also set up an ESOP (which I think is a great idea) and allocated 20% of the company stock for the benefit of the employees.

If you want to find out more information and/or connect, feel free to add me on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google+.

Meanwhile, here’s some additional background. I’ve been happily married since 1994 (yes, 20 years as-of writing this today) with one child – a fabulous daughter – who attends, and swims for, the University of Georgia. I like running, boating/fishing, and traveling.

What am I doing now? Well, I love entrepreneurship and start-ups but I’m not ready to jump into something directly on my own right now (plus I promised my wife that I’d wait a while). So I’m engaging with a few local start-up groups to provide mentoring and input as needed for these newly developing businesses. I’m also participating in local angel investor groups to help provide seed/angel funding for start-ups with a preference on local or at least regional ventures when possible.

Current Private Investments:
Proterra – Zero Emissions Electric Buses
Zipit Wireless – Critical Messaging Solutions
Baebies – Every Newborn Deserves a Healthy Start
OB Medical – Safer and More Cost-Effective Obstetric Monitoring
Pandoodle – Computer Vision Technology Focused on Image and Video Analysis, Recognition, and Dynamic Advertising Customization

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or want to chat about anything. Also let me know if you have a young start-up in need of seed/angel funding. I’m always open to at least hearing an initial pitch to see if it is something that makes sense to present to the group.